Vaccine Fridges & Freezers

We have been supplying refrigeration and freezer products, solutions and services to the industry in the UK and Ireland for over 27 years. Never has the need for vaccine fridges and freezers been more important, whether to transport vaccines at low temperature, or storing them at point of use, or even where electricity supplies are not available! We have a range of products ideal for very low temperature vaccine storage in doctors’ surgeries, right through to storage freezers for larger quantities of vaccine doses.


ULT chest freezer designed for the storage and transport of vaccines requiring temperatures between -55° and -86°C.med1242-86C-stroage-of-vaccine-doses-01

This freezer is designed for the most rigorous life science and industrial applications. It has a single-compressor system built to run efficiently providing rapid cool down after door opening. The controls are easy to operate and feature temperature alarms.This space-saving unit has been designed for use in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices where space saving is important.


Ultra-low temperature (ULT) chest freezer with autonomous control system (ACS) designed for the storage and transport of vaccines or drugs requiring a temperature of -70°C.med1241-70C-transport-stroage-of-vaccine-doses-01

The system provides uniform temperature with a variance of +/-1°C, for optimal storage of vaccines during transportation. Modular high-performance plates containing eutectic solution provide continuous cooling. The cabinet is made of Vacuum Insulated Panels combined with cyclopentane expanded polyurethane, which are superior to traditional insulators in both energy savings and cooling performance.

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